August 25, 2010

Sad loss - Rest in peace Mabel

Last Thursday I had to say goodbye to our beautiful Buff Orpington, Mabel, after only ten days of having her. Bewilderingly, a roving dog with a bold disposition managed to get under or over the electric fencing and attacked her. I found her, unmarked, but with a broken neck surrounded by the other hens... very sad...

I shall miss her.

As an extra precaution we have since looked into erecting a 5ft weld mesh fence around the paddock. In our planning we only considered foxes and badgers as the main predators; we never anticipated having to think about dogs. It's sad when you have to learn mistakes the hard way, particularly when it involves a loss of life.

On a more positive note we picked up a new Buff Orpington last Saturday morning and she has settled in very quickly with the others. She is a little smaller than Mabel, but just as glamorous! We've named her Ruby and she's a real beauty, a mass of soft fluffy feathers with a personality to match!

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